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"I was born with a small penis. Very small! I was one of those guys who waited until everyone was out of the shower before I would get in or I would skip it altogether. Exercises only helped a little. What happened when I started your Power Enlarge Pro pills was a complete shock! After only a few weeks I could measure the difference. I now measure 6 and 7/8"..Thank you for this wonderful product." Anthony-New York

"I must have used every penis enlargement pill available before I tried Power Enlarge Pro. I sure wish now that I saved all that money and bought P.E.P. pills instead! No other pill could do for me what these ones did. Finally a pill that really does what it promises! " Walt—California

"I tried 3 different brands of penis enlargement pills, each promising to "add 4 inches!" before I tried Power Enlarge Pro. I got NOTHING from the other brands, but P.EP. pills sent my sex drive through the roof and extended my penis a whole 1.75 inches in length. Its also thicker, and my erections last for hours! My wife send her thanks!" Bill—San Antonio

"I never thought I would ordered any pill product promising to add size to my penis. It couldn't be real, I thought. Boy was I wrong! My erections have never been so hard and powerful. My penis has been growing and getting bigger for a month now. I'm going to keep reordering until I reach the size I want, at this rate I can't wait to see the results!" Daniel—Seattle

"This product really works! I thought maybe I might get a little thickness from using them, but I never thought my results would be a extreme as this. Keep up the good work!" Gary—Vancouver

"I ordered a 6 month supply of Power Enlarge Pro for my boyfriend. He was always complaining about the size of his penis and his inability to control his erections. Well I'm happy to report that his problems are now history. And we have P.E.P. pills to thanks for that. " Cindy—Los Angeles


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