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Organ:Penis/corpa cavernosa

Energenics: Resolve Deficient Kidney Yang Patterns, Essence (Jing) Patterns, and Deficient Kidney Yang and Lung Qi Patterns.

Primary Actions: Tonifies and warms Kidney Yang, Builds Essence, Firms Kidney Essence, Root the Qi.

Historical References:
Male energy patterns are based in Yang and balanced by Ying. Yang energy is of a Projective quality and facilitates motility or action. In a world where demand tends to exasperate capacity, adrenal function is often left expended or exhausted and inspirations can no longer be directed constructively. Under this condition men will often seek pacifiers, (alcohol, drugs, food, coffee, etc) to pump up their lethargic presence. This can occur at any age and often presents a man with a sense of limited capacity.

The solution of course goes be on the use of a good tonic and most men would do well to assess the objectivity of their life's quest. Power Enlarge Pro will provide you with the drive and stamina you are looking for regardless of your ability to honor yourself with personnel space or rest.

Power Enlarge Pro will perpetuate the assertive root energy of the Kidney by invigorating the overall quality of life. In Chinese Medicine the objective of this tonic is to tonify and warm Kidney Yang, build Essence, firm Kidney Essence, and root the Qi. Physiologically, Power Enlarge Pro can be useful in a wide variety of symptoms such as weak or sore back, weak knees, frequent urination, low sex drive, unusual sweating, a feeling of cold in the body, or a lack of inspiration. Psychologically, Power Enlarge Pro is concerned with issues of indecisiveness, hopelessness, hesitation, quietness, inactiveness, or some attributes of fear.

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