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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the oldest, most comprehensive, safest and most effective medical system of human health cares in the world. It has sustained the health of the world’s longest ongoing civilization for over five thousand years. Its premises may be conceived as inductive rather than based in cause and effect. Practitioners have recorded in medieval archives that span for more than three thousand years of written history their results of meticulous clinical research that support such claims. This medicine is deeply rooted in the primordial principles of the “ Tao” a harmonious balance of Yin and Yang.

While modern medicine might view disease as a malevolent external invasion by an enemy that must be destroyed, Traditional Chinese Medicine would tend to see it as a state of depletion or vacuity establishing vulnerability and allowing malevolent agents to enter the body and cause disease. Treatment protocol in TCM would be directed toward what is referred to as the “root” of a disease rather than aggressively attacking superficial manifestations or symptoms. Since Chinese medicine is a whole person medicine the root of the disease might be found in the physical plane (viscera, trauma, or genetic, etc), or most frequently on the inspirational or spiritual plane (the seven passions-anger, joy, preoccupation, grief, fear, fright, rage).

There are more than 2000 items listed in Chinese herbal pharmacopoeias, but only about 350 are used in general practice, of which less than one hundred are regarded as indispensable in formulating the most popular prescriptions. When applying these herbs in treatment protocol the primary focus is to support the rehabilitation of natural functions of the body and its mechanisms. This can be accomplished by the application of strategies such as; Tonify-Transform-Regulate-Drain-Release-Clear-Expel-Calm and Relieve. This differs from modern medicine that tend to; Replace-Augment-Supplement and Remove.

In the case of menopausal syndrome, modern medicine approach is to augment or supplement sex hormones, (estrogen and progesterone) in order to stabilize the blood levels of these messengers. In TCM the approach is to tonify all glands and physiological mechanizes responsible for the production of these hormones so that whatever levels of hormones production exist, blood levels will not fluctuate, thereby allowing the patient to experience a gradual withdrawal without dominating symptoms.

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